Nixie Tube Clock

Assembly of the Nixie clock tube kit, QTC+ with GNP-17A Tubes
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For some time I’ve been intrigued by the Nixie tubes. I really like the ‘old school’ analogue look. Of course there are many clocks which you can buy on different websites, fully assembled and working, but I like to solder it myself, even if that’s a bit more expensive.

So I bought this Nixie clock kit. With Xterna adapter for time syncing with GPS-satellites. It took a while to assemble, that’s why I sped up the video 8x. At the end of the movie you might find a stupid mistake I made 😉 But it was easy to correct and I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful Nixie Tube Clock. I had a really good time putting it together. It might look hard, but it’s doable. It comes with a step by step manual. I’m almost sad that I have finished. But the next project is on my mind…. (an 8x8x8 led cube).