LED Spinning Top DIY basic soldering project

LED Spinning Top

Soldering project: LED Spinning Top
Bought at Aliexpress, ‘DIY Electronic Kit LED Gyro Welding Kit Rotating Lantern’
Soldered by basicsoldering.com

Just for fun I found this Spinning Top to solder.
It’s a very easy project. You’ll need only minimal basic skills. The kit comes without 2x cr2032 batteries.


2x cr2032 battery holders (BT1, BT2)
2x 104 capacitors (C1, C2)
4x LED’s (D1 .. D4)
4x resistors 1k Ohm (R1,R2,R5,R6)
2x resistors 1m Ohm (R4, R3)
2x transistors (actually triodes) (Q1, Q2)
1x vibration switch (SW)
A rotating handle in two parts + screw.

The resistors don’t have a polarity, which means you can place them in the board anyway around. These capacitors don’t have a polarity either. Sometimes capacitors do have, but not those small ones. When placing the transistors follow the layout on the board, the flat side is a giveaway. As for teh LED’s they do have a polarity, a negative and a positive side. They call them Cathode (negative) which has a short lead, and Anode (positive) which has a long lead. On this board the anode is marked with a small +sign near the LED symbol D1 ..D4.
I don’t think the vibration switch has a specific order, but you can follow the markings on the board. When placing the batteries, the positive side, with the + marking) goes up.

Have fun!