Guitar in a Box

Soldering project: Guitar in a Box
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A jq6500 module
An 8ohm speaker
Some Dupont jumper wires female
An empty candy box
3x AA battery box plus batteries
A 3 pin limit lever switch
A tactile switch, with lock
Hot glue and some wood

A quick project for a friend. I was set to meet him, so in less then an hour I made this box. He just bought a Kraken guitar amplifier, with tubes. Lovely sound. I thought it was nice to put a sample of it in a box.
There was almost no time so I’m sorry to say that I forgot to document the process in detail.

I had a jq6500 mp3 player module laying around. I remembered that you can upload a sample to it, with a Windows computer. On the module there is a program which you can start and in just 2 simple Chinese steps you can upload the flash memory. Or so it’s said. In my case I connected the module and nothing appeared. Luckily I found this website: On the page there is a link to a zip-file JQ6500_MusicDownload In the folders I used the 16M BIT version. The program is in Chinese, but this is what I did: I went to the second tab, opened the file I wanted to upload. Went back to the first tab and clicked the button. I saw a green progression bar and when it finished decoupled the device.

The jq6500 16p mp3 player

  • a 16Mbit flash memory (25L1606E)
  • 2 MB flash memory
  • a 3W audio amplifier (HXJ 8002)
jq6500 mp3 player pinout schematic

You can downsize your mp3-file to mono with a low bitrate, I used Audacity (free).

I connected the lever switch between pin K1 and GND. So when opened the first file would play. Opposite the lever switch I glued a piece of wood in the box. I also used a tactile toggle lock switch to connect / disconnect the positive wire, to save the batteries when not used.

Have fun!